My Top Five Favorite Makeup Tutorials On YouTube

Who needs beauty school when the internet is full of incredible makeup tutorials? Actually, Youtube was where my love for makeup began, and it is where I learned how to apply makeup from some of the very best. However, I also know that Youtube is massive, so it can be difficult to find those beauty gurus who actually know what they’re talking about. Here are my top 5 favorite makeup tutorials on Youtube!

1. How To: Contour & Highlight + Blush by Jaclyn Hill

This girl really is the real deal. A former Mac employee, Jacyln has the best techniques and tools. She uses some pretty excellent Mac products, too! In this video, Jaclyn tackles one of the most complicated, confusing topics in all of the beauty industry: highlighting and contouring. In this in depth tutorial, she explains the importance of choosing the right colors based on skin tones, and where those colors should be placed around the face. Jacyln does a wonderful job of making a complicated technique look really easy!

2. Picture Perfect Day by Michelle Phan

I never knew how to do my makeup for pictures until I watched this tutorial by the famous Michelle Phan. One of the first beauty gurus to really make it big on Youtube, Michelle has created a beauty empire in just a few short years of internet fame. In this tutorial, I learned how to apply a photo friendly foundation, discovered the importance of moisturizing, blocking out unwanted colors, and much more. Michelle really showed me some great tips for looking youthful, awake, and vibrant for pictures or just in general.

3. How To Apply False Eyelashes by Leesha of xsparkage

As the queen of colorful eye shadows on Youtube, it makes sense that Leesha would have one of the best tutorials on applying false lashes. I’ll admit that this concept had me stumped for years! It’s in the same area as highlighting and contouring are for most girls. However, after watching this video a few times, I can successfully apply falsies for the first time ever! Thanks, Leesha.

4. How To Cover Acne & Scars by Melanie Murphy

Successfully covering up acne using makeup is quite possibly one of the most coveted makeup abilities ever, but Melanie Murphy showed me how I can do it! Now that I’ve watched this video, I can’t help but wonder – why wasn’t this video around in 6th grade when my acne covered face needed it the most? Luckily, Melanie demonstrates that fancy products really aren’t necessary for covering up acne, as it’s all about the tools and techniques involved.

5. The Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial by TheChicNatural

The perfect eyebrows can also be quite difficult to achieve, and while I’m not a master yet, I have certainly learned a lot by watching this eyebrow tutorial by TheChicNatural. In this video, she transforms her thin, shapeless, unruly eyebrows into something incredible by using an eyebrow brush, eye pencil, and by following the natural shape of her brows.

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