TEN EYEBROW MISTAKES……you don’t know you are making

Brows can make or ruin the look of the face. If you have low eyebrows, it is time to make them fuller. The stars such as Cara Delevigne, Rita Ora and Emilia Clarke are simply an inspiration for the expertly shaped brows everywhere. The celebrities have inspirational eyebrow looks. Here are some of the most common mistakes the people usually make while maintaining or shaping their eye brows.

Mistake 1: Over widening the eyebrow gap

This looks extremely unnatural and shaven off kind of look. The best way to fix this by holding a thin makeup brush, line it up vertically with the edge of the inner tear duct. Mark a line and this is the farthest place where eyebrow hair should be plucked.

Mistake 2: Matching the brow color to the hair color

This is a common problem, some people end up coloring their brow auburn if they have dyed the hair auburn. The color of hair and eyebrow doesn’t have to be necessarily the same. Even if it is a brow pencil or a dye, pick a shade that complements your eyes and goes with the hair as well. If your hair is blonde, pick two or three shades darker than your natural hair color, if you have brunette hair, pick 2 to 3 shades lighter than the color of your dark hair.

Mistake 3: Ignore the natural arch of the brow

There is always a slight arch there on the top edge. Plucking the eye brows from wrong place into a rounded or straight line might end up looking unnatural. When you are plucking, always match up the top arch to the bottom edge. The arch will automatically become more distinct when you shape both sides.

Mistake 4: Sparsely haired eye brows

Eyebrows with little or light hair end up showing the skin which looks so messy instead of softening the features. To fix those brows, take a pencil that matches your brow color and put in light strokes to give an illusion of fuller eye brows.

Mistake 5: Over tweezing the edge top of brows

This is like taking a huge risk, chances of messing up the natural shape of the brows. The top edge needs to be tamed, get your eyebrows waxed and plucked by a professional. Try to pluck the hair from under the brow.

Mistake 6: Layering too much makeup on the eyebrow

This looks painted and downright unnatural. Always use light strokes while filling in the brows to make them fuller. Do not use dark makeup on eyebrows. Your hair should be visible.

Mistake 7: Match both eyebrow shape perfectly

It is not possible to have exact replica of both your eyebrows. It looks unnatural. There is always a slight difference. There is a reason why the eyebrows are called sisters and not twins.

Mistake 8: Plucking the eye brows too long or too short.

Shorter eyebrows can make your eyes and nose look bigger whereas too long eyebrows can shrink your eyes. The best rule is to mark the length of your brows with a makeup brush or pencil. Hold it vertically on the side of nose, then tilting it from nose to corner of the eye is where the eyebrow should end.

Mistake 9: Doing the eye brows first before the rest of the makeup

The eyebrows should be done at the end complementing the shade of foundation, eyes and lips. It should match with the rest of the face to enhance all the features.

Mistake 10: Tweezing before taking a shower

If you wash and take a bath with hot water, some of the hair follicles loosen up and hair fall away as you wash. This will make a difference compared to your newly plucked eye brows.  Do not pluck if you are going to take a shower soon.

Hope this makes you aware of a few things to be careful with


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