Celebrity Fragrances

Have you ever bought any celebrity fragrances?  It seems that new ones are coming out all the time with someone’s name on them.  Better yet, do you think they smell nice?  Do you think by wearing one these fragrances that you will smell famous? Over the years there has been a rise in wearing these celebrity fragrances and you sure do have a lot to pick from.

Celebrities sign contracts with perfume houses as a way to use it as a campaign to self promote themselves by associating their name with a signature scent. The selling point to these campaigns is usually the celebrities name that they market to get the sales.  Considered to be the best of the best is still “White Diamonds” by Elizabeth Taylor, made and marketed by Elizabeth Arden.  After debuting 20 years ago in 1991, it is still the best-selling all time celebrity-endorsed perfume.

Those were the good old days if you wanted your name on the perfumes.  Now the bad part is that times have since changed, people are now turning up their noses at celebrity fragrances.  In part, because these fragrances are considered to be on the low-end, compared to designer fragrances.  Also they are geared to a much younger consumer, who tend to get bored quickly and move on to the newest products.   

As far as pricing goes, the bad news is that sales of these types of fragrances have dropped off considerably, almost in half, while the more pricier perfumes have climbed to 16%!  Arden had a fragrance out by “One Direction” that was the top launch in 2014, but it looks like the attraction of pop stars is fading fast with the consumers.

“M” by Mariah Carey  is considered to be the worst fragrance out there.  At the price point of $52.99, it certainly isn’t cheap nor that expensive, but it is way too sweet and not in a good way and has had reviews of it being nasty and cheap smelling.

The second best to purchase Is Paris Hilton’s “Can Can”, it is a stronger, more mature fragrance, has a powdery smell to it and has a touch of vanilla, which makes it smell delicious.  The fruit and floral notes of “Can Can” don’t last long unfortunately but the musk goes on for hours.  “Taylor” by Taylor Swift has won “Best Celebrity Fragrance of the Year”.  Top notes are sweet, floral-fruity with a woody base — fun and feminine, but still strong.

The number one fragrance would be anything that works well on you, your mood and just an overall sense of smell and of course compliments do help!  There are new fragrances coming out all the time, so you will have lots to experiment with.  Culturally, as women we are taught to love perfume.  What ever price range you want, you will find a wide variety out there from high to low plus bargain prices found on the internet.  Clearly there’s a market for the these products, but who are these women that are shelling out their hard earned cash for these celebrity fragrances? ……. We Are.

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